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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Weird Japanese Ads And Signs

Japan has the most weirdest advertisements ever to be displayed in public which catches the eye of tourists like you and me from other countries... Well whatever the case, it is quite common in Japan and are often useful in a sense that it catches people's attention, laughing out loud and remembering them in the process... A truly awesome marketing strategy to get you thinking...

However some signage are extremely kids unfriendly due to the fact that certain adult-themed signs are being placed out in the streets for viewing... And perhaps maybe some happy-go-lucky tourist will stick their heads into the holes given to take a photo of it... Anyway the text reads 'Zettai Dorei' which basically means Absolute Slave in direct translation...

An ad for a water theme park which features visitors crying out loud at the extreme enjoyment that they are going through... Basically, an exaggerated way of saying that they are having so much fun till they shed tears of excitement...

Some crazy advert cover for an adult-theme pudding which features 2 jelly like substance that's of skin color with an anime girl for the back cover. Feeling hungry? How about sucking up on these 2 err... puddings of joy.

You wouldn't believe that this is actually a pharmacy if you didn't read he sign properly... Perhaps the displays are a bit off topic... extremely off topic I mean... Who would put some gravure idol posters and models in front of a medical shop? Or perhaps maybe they provide other services as well?

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