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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Anything's Possible With Practice

Practice makes perfect, and even so if you continue to work on your passion to achieve your goal. No matter how bad it might be, and as you continue to draw and improve, you'll get better eventually. A typical example could be as seen above where some amateur took about 10 years to get fantastic results. (Click On Pictures for a bigger view)

Even babies who drew from the start of age begins to improve over a course of 6 years with what supposedly looks like a bear takes form in the year 2009. And would likely drew better in the near future ahead if his passion is genuine.

An artist I have high respect on because his artwork dramatically improves into a professional level from the year 2007 onwards. And it keeps getting better there after which is shockingly of quality...

This artist already has the talents to draw a good artwork but decides to change his style of drawing throughout the years. You can clearly see it through the details, art form and even from the character's eyes...

This particular artist decides to move on from drawing a still character into something of a more artistic pose and style throughout the years. His first 5 years are mostly portrait pictures which are normal and not till 2006 that he decides to move on experimenting with creative poses to spice up his drawings.

Judging from the artwork, this would probably be the work of a real artist who works in an animation firm. To have such a level of drawing standard certainly shines above the rest of the artists above. Now if only I could draw as well as them...

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