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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weird Flavors Of Kit Kat

Only in Japan will you be able to see common products in not so common flavors in stores. Take this watermelon flavored Kit Kat for example... The only Kit Kat we would commonly see in our stores are chocolate and also strawberry flavor.

However the flavors doesn't stop there and even weirder flavors are introduced instead... Heard of baked potato flavored Kit Kat?

The flavors didn't end just yet... There's also a Soy Sauce flavored Kit Kat... Oh man this is seriously weird... Would you eat Kit Kat with a seasoning used in food?

For coffee lovers, there's even an Espresso Kit Kat... The funny thing is why isn't it available in Singapore...

There's even Kit Kat with Read Bean Soup flavor...

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